Promotion characters trying to climb the corporate ladder

You Deserve THIS Promotion

It's payback time! Settle the score with those credit-stealing, brown-nosing coworkers with Promotion the Game!

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Experience the thrill of office politics without the risk of HR getting involved

This isn't your grandma's bridge club. Here, the goal is simple: climb the corporate ladder faster than your two-faced "friends."

Skill Cards

Collect four of the same color for office superstardom! See them all!

Strategically using Action Cards to get ahead of others

Action Cards

Backstab your coworkers (in a good way!) to climb the corporate ladder with cunning strategy and laugh-out-loud action cards.

Discard the Performance Improvement Plan using an action card quickly or you lose

The PIP Card

Don't get stuck holding the "Performance Improvement Plan" card - it's basically a one-way ticket to unemployment (in the game, of course).

Meet the Staff

Shorty, Promotion the Game character

Shortcut (aka Shorty)

Shorty's moral compass is more of a suggestion box, rarely consulted on their meteoric rise. They navigate the corporate jungle with the grace of a runaway bulldozer, leaving a path of surprised colleagues and dubious promotions in their wake.

Bragsby, Promotion the Game character


Bragsby isn't shy about their accomplishments. Every "triumph" is sculpted into a masterpiece of self-congratulation, leaving colleagues both unimpressed and slightly nauseated by the constant parade of humble brags.

BossBae, Promotion the Game character


Forget climbing the corporate ladder, BossBae built an entire staircase for the boss, meticulously crafted from flattery. Their rise to power wasn't a climb, it was a constant showering of adoration, ensuring the boss felt not just respected, but worshipped.