Skills Cards

Doing anything it takes for that promotion

Benefit Booster Card

Benefit Booster

Brownie Point Burglar Card

Brownie Point Burglar

Credit Hog Card

Credit Hog

Downtown Express Card

Downtown Express

Expertise Enigma Card

Expertise Enigma

Fairweather Feedbacker Card

Fairweather Feedbacker

Friends Like These Card

Friends Like These

Full Speed Ahead Card

Full Speed Ahead

Human Shield Card

Human Shield

John Hancock Card

John Hancock

Party Planner Card

Party Planner

Pretender Card


Priority Police Card

Priority Police

Pucker Power Card

Pucker Police

Scapegoat Seeker Card

Scapegoat Seeker

Action Cards

Backstab your coworkers to climb the corporate ladder

Hostile Takeover Card

Hostile Takeover

Mandatory Meeting...Minus One Card

Mandatory Meeting...Minus One

Power Play Card

Power Play

Course Correction Card

Course Correction

Lateral Move Card

Lateral Move

Fairweather Feedbacker Card


Accidental Reply-All Card

Accidental Reply-All

Burned Out Card

Burned Out

The Performance Improvement Plan Card

The card you never want

Performance Improvement Plan Card

Performance Improvement Plan

Want a Promotion? (Without Actually Working for It?)

Master the Art of Office Politics and Backstabbing (in a Fun, Card-Game Kind of Way).

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